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kroki 2016 02 13-5, tecknare (drawer): Marica Ohlsson
kroki 2016 02 13-5

in english Welcome to my site!

You might have ended up here due to Your interest in roses, garden, plants, design architectural details, milieus and environments?
Maybe You are looking for pics of and thoughts of – design and planning?
Maybe You have seen some of my paintings and sketches and wonder who I am.

Here I show and gather:


Painting and drawings by different themes. Some of them will be possible to order from July 2022 – hopefully.

Under the menue headline ”bra att veta” (good to know) there are gathered information and links about paper for printing aquarelles, photographing paintings, autenticitet och quality, cloth, and more


Photos of different settings and environments, sculptures, architectural details, color schemes. Under the menue headline Trädgår´n are examples of drawings and sketches in different projects and plants from my garden with great love and a special liking for ROSES!


Thoughts over the designing act and design, about planning and shaping – create. Info and links about material and other stuff coming handy while sketching and fixing, niggling and pondering. Also about garden.

My emphasis lies on – design as an act of doing. It is a move in the mind and the body. A move who shows in decisions and attitudes which will shape the impressions and expressions (some measurable) in reality. Decisions, attitudes and intentions – conscious or not, habitual or not. Even a person who claims not to care about design – expresses this attitude through the way of choosing how to dress body and home.
More about creative topics on my other site skepnader.

The Garden

Photo gallery of roses and perennials, maintenance and exemple of sketches and illustrations.

products … for sale

You can buy prints of my paintings and life studies. (figure drawings)
>> (FAA) and on >>

The site is still in progress

Yes, I guess all sites constantly are in progress. The progress of this site is particularly slow due to my writing project “A heptych” on the website ”skepnader”, since it has and still is, taking most of my time and will do so for one or two more years. Until it is done, I post what I can – with no comments or claims on that it should be more completed.

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